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Colonialism: part two

January 31, 2013


The war in Mali deepens and innocent people keep dying. The aim of France is not the one to fight against Islamist groups, but to reconquer Mali;  many countries ( US in forefront followed by UK and Germany) back the French president Hollande’s initiative to start a war in the south African region. Why? First of […]

Anything you don’t need to know, you learn it from Media

January 29, 2013


I have always believed in the media and their sacred power of truth-spreading across the world but I forget, too often, that media are run by humans who are easily manipulated and corrupted and who, in turn, manipulate to their own benefit. Media distortion is one of the biggest plagues that affects human beings by depriving […]

Talents Still Exist

November 24, 2012


It was 2006 when Nas sang Hip hop is dead. Few years after this statement cannot be more true. As many of us find a strong relation between feelings and music, all my emotions were enhanced by rap during my adolescence.  It was more or less ten years ago when this type of music reached Italy, a […]


September 29, 2012


  Here we go again. History is bound to repeat over and over again as old clichés come always back to visit us. Most of today’s politicians, protesters, provokers, who believe they are making history are, instead, boring, repetitive, stubborn and unwilling to change. The inner provocation to the Islam world, apart from being stupid, […]