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Elections in Israel: Zionism might win

January 22, 2013


Netanyahu is likely to win the next elections in Israel and the more this victory seems achievable, the more I fear for Israelis and Palestinians. So far very little has been said regarding the two-state resolution or any commitment to ending the conflict that still today is the cause of many deaths. As the BBC […]

2012 has taught me that….

December 18, 2012


As Twitter is overwhelmed by the hashtag #2012hastaughtme, I want to look back over 2012, which has been tumultuous and full of surprises.  The year started with the last sparks of the Arab Spring Revolution which, in 2011, had instilled hope for so many countries to finally overthrow harsh dictatorships and eventually achieve democracy. Despite […]

The Denied Humanity

November 16, 2012


A day after the umpteenth attack in the endless conflict between Israel and Palestinians, where many innocents lost their lives, I am totally tired, unable to find any valid explanation, not only to this war, but to the whole humanity. I always happen to simply affect indifference when I am acknowledged about a new conflict, a new tragedy, as the […]

Yes we can. Again. Better.

November 7, 2012


I don’t like politics, I find it boring and unproductive, full of charlatans who promise things and, most of the times, do not keep their word. And I don’t like listening to these charlatans, I don’t vote them because I don’t trust them; to my eyes all of them, sooner or later, end up corrupted. […]