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Anything you don’t need to know, you learn it from Media

January 29, 2013


I have always believed in the media and their sacred power of truth-spreading across the world but I forget, too often, that media are run by humans who are easily manipulated and corrupted and who, in turn, manipulate to their own benefit. Media distortion is one of the biggest plagues that affects human beings by depriving […]

News: short and simple are the secrets

January 9, 2013


This post defines the main characteristics of a news article. First of all, what is news? It is events. What is a news article? It is the repeating of such events to an audience. An event, in order to be classified as news, has to be: Relevant. It must affect the lives of the audience to local/national/ international levels. […]

The essential questions of a journalist

January 4, 2013


This category of posts is aimed to provide you with advice, guide lines, tips and golden rules I have learned during my master in International Journalism and I have still been learning by being a journalist.  Post by post I will teach you the main structures of the different articles, you will learn appropriate research […]

Death may tire you

December 17, 2012


A tragedy is a tragedy, period. It does not matter if the people whose life is barbarically stolen are American, Italian, African or Japanese.  There are no secondary deaths or at least there shouldn’t be any but we are hypocrite and selective beyond imagination and our racism knows no limit; therefore, if are  American children who die […]

So What?

December 6, 2012


The first thing I have been taught during my journalism master is that the main aim of news is to inform about something new (as the word itself suggests), interesting, informative, different, catchy. According to the “So What” theory, in order to succeed and catch readers’ attention, journalists should ask themselves: “So what?”, whenever they […]