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The Suri Massacre: a genocide nobody wants to talk about

January 28, 2013


It was December 2012 when the Ethiopian government begun a carnage that is still causing the deaths of hundreds of Suris. Apart from few exceptions such as The Guardian and CNN,  there is no news regarding the hundreds of deaths of Ethiopian civilians. Why are media and the international community not talking about it? Is it because […]

Hi, this is Syria, do you remember me?

January 6, 2013


After a long time of unbearable silence, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad finally had a public speech in which he condemns the violence of rebels and reminds to the world that Syrians are suffering. Strange that after almost two years of clashes, deaths and flees the president realizes only now that Syria needs global attention, immediate resolutions, concrete interventions. More […]

Confession from an Italian youth

November 14, 2012


Few years ago when media started vociferating about financial crisis, my mum was not wrong when she said to me: “It’s going to be hard times, for many of us”. It was 2009 when Greece experienced the drama of loss of jobs and sudden increase of debts. People protested and revolted on the street, some […]