I am a London-based  graduate in International Journalism with a strong passion for social conflicts and human rights.
Since I was a child I have always believed in the power of words and actions and I want to write to change the world.
My biggest achievement so far is the book I published at the age of 23 ( available in Italian). Il silenzio di Nyamata ( the silence of Nyamata) is a tremendous account of the 1994 Rwandan genocide seen by the eyes of two young lovers whose love is constantly threatened by the cruelty of human beings.

The second biggest achievement is the master I attended in London which broadened my horizons and made me understand that journalism throbs into my veins.  This led to the creation of the blog BeInquisitive where you can find my column pieces and news comments. Here are few examples of my work:


Hitler or Mao?  –  Oprah made it 


Hi this is Syria, do you remember me?

Elections in Israel: Zionism might win


The essential questions of a journalist 

News: short and simple are the secret

Book Reviews

Life of Pi: A story about humans and animals. A story about us

Women’s issues

Women’s fault? 

We need more women like Dana Bakdounis

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