Colonialism: part two

Posted on January 31, 2013


The war in Mali deepens and innocent people keep dying.
The aim of France is not the one to fight against Islamist groups, but to reconquer Mali;  many countries ( US in forefront followed by UK and Germany) back the French president Hollande’s initiative to start a war in the south African region.
First of all, Mali is Africa’s third largest gold producer with currently seven operating gold mines and gold is a precious metal highly involved in aerospace, medicine and  electronics.
Secondly, the soil in Mali is rich with petroleum and oils.  According to the 2006 meeting of the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), an organisation that mediates commercial relationships between the US and Africa, the US aimed to build infrastructures in Mali in order to produce and export oil and gas:


The France invasion is the perfect occasion to exploit Mali and start the exportation.
Thirdly, uranium and mineral  deposits render Mali highly appealing for western powers. 
Mali is the ground-battle among China on one side and France, the US and many other European countries such as Germany and UK on the other. Everyone thinks they deserve a part of something they are not entitled to have. The French declaration of war aims to obtain oil,  uranium, gold and other precious resources and once again lives of Africans are subject to the whims of superpowers.
Although the end of  colonialism has been declared long time ago, the exploitation of Africa continues nowadays and we constantly witness a tremendous carnage disguised as “war on terrorism”. Not credible anymore.

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