Anything you don’t need to know, you learn it from Media

Posted on January 29, 2013


I have always believed in the media and their sacred power of truth-spreading across the world but I forget, too often, that media are run by humans who are easily manipulated and corrupted and who, in turn, manipulate to their own benefit.
Media distortion is one of the biggest plagues that affects human beings by depriving us of our own capability to think free from any inception into our brain. And once we are deprived of our intellect, we lose our freedom and we are stuck to the ground; our wings cut by brainwashing and manipulation, repetition and distortion, invention, re-creation and suppression, spectacles that infect our spirit, they stuff it with untrue facts, they make it drunk till the point this spirit falls asleep and becomes passive. And only then the blinding light of media pierces our eyes and our minds and we see nothing else but this annihilating glare.

After two days of research I have finally come out from my bubble of naivety; once again human beings proved me that the limit of decency has been sensationally crossed. After hours of videos and articles I have come to the conclusion that Obama is not the great leader I thought and he does not posses the  morality I hoped; he might be (or certainly is)  just another puppet in the hands of much more powerful hidden societies.

After discovering the theory of a conspiracy that led to the death of Gaddafi, I found myself surprised and uncomfortable when I had to question all my previous beliefs. Now there is a tormenting thought into my mind that the Revolution in Libya was ad hoc planned by US and Gaddafi was not hated by Libyans. I found information and ideas that are not taken seriously for the simple fact they are different and they suggest a reality disturbing and difficult to accept.

So where does the truth lay? 

Unfortunately I cannot provide a concrete answer as when it comes to prove a point it seems unavoidable for people to exaggerate facts, but after consulting the two sides of the same story, the truth must lay somewhere in between, sometimes leaning more towards one part than the other.

This video shows how Libyans did not hate Gaddafi and did not aim to overthrow him and the US intervention aimed to eliminate a leader who was planning to introduce a unique African currency to buy oil with. And of course the (sinking) colossus USA could not permit such mutiny and Obama, the person I and other millions of people put our hopes in, simply turned out to be a deplorable human being lacking of essential principles that make  a man a good man and then a good president. The shock and the rage overwhelmed me and I felt humiliated and betrayed by the media and what they constantly do with our brain.
We should always question ourselves and never be sure of what we know: sometimes it’s just what other people want us to know. Let’s be constantly  inquisitive, it’s the only way we can save ourselves.

This  video shows the carnage by NATO in Libya and the outrage of Libyans for NATO invasions:

I myself do not believe  everything  been said in these videos but I  take it as an incitement to think, rethink and doubt. Maybe the true terrorists are the ones who hide themselves behind the label of democracy. Let’s not forget that a country that brags a Constitution based on democracy principles, did this while many other “democracies” rejoiced to the death and the vilification of a corpse:

What we know about the  Arab Spring Revolution  is certainly not entirely true. Misinformation is our weakness. Do we really know what’s happening in Syria? Can it be another plot? Are media our enemies?  Wake up. Be inquisitive. Be yourselves.

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