The Suri Massacre: a genocide nobody wants to talk about

Posted on January 28, 2013


It was December 2012 when the Ethiopian government begun a carnage that is still causing the deaths of hundreds of Suris.
Apart from few exceptions such as The Guardian and CNN,  there is no news regarding the hundreds of deaths of Ethiopian civilians.
Why are media and the international community not talking about it? Is it because the death of these civilians is not appealing enough for journalists and associations worldwide? What is the reason of this outrageous silence?
There is a genocide occurring in the southern part of Ethiopia following the struggle of local people forced to abandon their homes and leave their lands to the greedy and soul-less gold mining workers.
The Ethiopian army is arresting, torturing and killing undefended people including women and children while the world stays silent. This is not acceptable, as humans.
This is highly deplorable for any governments professing democracy, for the so- called developed societies whose indifference is, once again, the proof that selfishness and negligence are badly disguised behind a veil of fake morality used to embellish a dog-eat-dog world.
Where is this morality when people like me (writing this) and you (reading it) are butchered and buried in a forest?
Where is the shame, the shock and the rage for this slaughter that’s happening before our eyes?
The Ethiopian massacre is one of the highest crimes against humanity and for every day we choose not to care, we contribute to such crime. We are equally guilty as the militants whose hands are dirty of innocent blood.

This is happening in Ethiopia:Do we support it or do we fight it?

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