Elections in Israel: Zionism might win

Posted on January 22, 2013


Netanyahu is likely to win the next elections in Israel and the more this victory seems achievable, the more I fear for Israelis and Palestinians. So far very little has been said regarding the two-state resolution or any commitment to ending the conflict that still today is the cause of many deaths. As the BBC presenter Lyse Doucet points out on Twitter: “Ask 3 young Israelis, from right to left, what issues matter. All mention peace“, it seems obvious and understandable that people are tired of this endless conflict started over sixty years ago. Both Israelis and Palestinians deserve a normal life where the war will be just a phantom of the past. But things are not so easy as there are many threats on the horizon such as  the leader of the right-wing political party Habayit Hayehudi, Naftali Bennett: the proof that if things cannot get better, they definitely get worse.
Bennett refuses the idea of a two-state solution: “The Sopranos will not return for another season. Rami Kleinstein [a bald Israeli singer] will not grow an Afro. And a peace agreement with the Palestinians will not happen”; and he also plans to annex 60% circa of the Israeli-occupied West bank territories.
People like Bennett are the reason of unsolvable conflicts, violence and incomprehension among populations, they are the reason of our shame and anger and we cannot let this individual win, unless we want to regress, unless we support war and discrimination, unless we want to turn our back on a conflict that needs our attention.
Netanhyahu does not seem a bad alternative now.

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