The Journalist’s Dilemma

Posted on January 21, 2013


What is happening in Algeria is the current emblematic example of how people react to war with war.
The French defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has described the attack at the In Amenas gas plant as an act of war, probably forgetting that few days ago France invaded Mali declaring war against Islamist groups who, in turn, are spreading terror across the African nation.
This is a vicious circle that feeds itself with our frustration, rage, hate and the infinite violence we are capable of. There will be no end, there will be no mutual understanding, achievements and progression until people understand how to communicate. Violence and commitments to killing and inflicting pain have been our guide lines for millenniums and although humanity increases, thousands are left behind and memories of past tragedies and losses left forgotten as new realities surprise us, reporting continuous deaths and suffering.  And it seems that all we can do is accept and move past because the indignation that pulses inside our souls is devoured by resignation.
I try to be a good journalist and reporter but I cannot discern my human side: the more I read the news the more I lose the will to write as my hands refuse, one more to time, the tale of  dramatic and unfair violence against humans.
The lack of humanity makes me a  bad journalist because it nauseates me to the point I do not want to write anymore, looking for an explanation, begging for a solution to human conflicts.
So I am looking for an answer: how do people cope with continuous misdeeds? Where do journalists find the strength to keep reporting to the world the innumerable tragedies  that render our specie miserable?
There are days in which the mission to inform people about hidden facts that need to be told pulses inside me and leads to me research and report the truth but, other days, a tremendous cynicism governs my mood and it makes me feel empty and useless, as useless I see any attempts to make this world better, even if only through words with the scope to prevent the occurring of similar situations in the future.
As a mediator between facts and people I strongly believe that journalism and awareness can help to improve us, can help to change the present and build up a better future for our children but, sometimes, I cannot help asking myself: Is death the only thing we are capable of?

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