The first terrorists are you

Posted on January 15, 2013


This is not the first time that France intervenes where its intervention is not required. Many of you must remember when the 1996 French president Mitterrand sent troops to Ruanda and contributed to the massacre of about one million (ONE MILLION) people in three months. Decision later defined by Sarkozy as a mistake. 
17 years later another MISTAKE is occurring as the country of Macaroons and the Tour Eiffel engaged a war against Islamist groups in Mali – probably forgetting that the West African nation has been independent from France for over 40 years – when the current French president Francois Hollande deployed to Mali 750 soldiers who will be soon joined by more French troops.
The roots of the Malian conflict are very deep and intricate and are related to the fall of Gaddafi’s government during the Arab Spring Revolution. Following the toppling of the dictatorship in Libya  Islamist troops returned to their homeland where they are now trying to establish Islamic law all over the country. Mali is a divided nation and it requires the world’s intervention BUT the political decisions adopted by France are highly arguable because:

1) The war engaged against Islamist will deepen the hate of certain countries toward West societies; as the journalist Glenn Grinwald points out: Mali is the eight country where Western powers have killed Muslim groups in the past four years.

2)  War is never the answer, it has never been and won’t ever be. What is NATO doing? Why is UN supporting France?

3) This is not only a war between France and Mali, soon the intervention of other countries such as US and Great Britain on one side and jihadist fighters from nations like Sudan on the other, will occur and the conflict will deepen leading to the deaths of more innocents.

4) Mali’s civilians are dying under French’s attacks. The consequences of this intervention were obvious since the very beginning and the increasing of French troops will only worsen the conflict as well as the death toll, with severe effects for many countries in the world.

Killing people to impede them to kill other people seems the only solution we are capable of. France and many other countries should stop engaging wars and killing innocents, hiding themselves behind the excuse of fighting against terrorism. It lacks of credibility: you are not different from the terrorists you bombard.

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