Hi, this is Syria, do you remember me?

Posted on January 6, 2013


After a long time of unbearable silence, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad finally had a public speech in which he condemns the violence of rebels and reminds to the world that Syrians are suffering.
Strange that after almost two years of clashes, deaths and flees the president realizes only now that Syria needs global attention, immediate resolutions, concrete interventions.
More concerned about West’s opinions about Syria, the president is still determined to maintain his office despite the continuous invites by the rebels to quit, in order to end the conflict. A bloody conflict started in 2011, set off following the tortures of some adolescents who had written revolutionary slogans.  After this episode, in less than one year the continuous clashes between citizens who wanted Assad’s leadership to end and army resulted in scores of deaths and millions of refugees. Moreover, the country began to be neatly divided by two factions: on one side Assad opponents and on the other side Assad worshipers.
Despite the situation in some countries has not improved, the Arab Revolution led to the overthrown of many regimes and it has undoubtedly contributed to spread an alert for all the dictators: overthrow is possible. However, the situation in Syria is far more complicated and the violence does not decrease, a compromise seems inconceivable and any transition of power is out of the question. Even when for Syrians ( not only now, but  for the future generations too) a transition could be the aspired solution.
Assad does not seem capable to understand the lesson that the Arab Revolution taught. However, the end of his regime will come.

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