My Resolution

Posted on January 4, 2013


Everyone seems to have New Year’s resolutions.
I stopped celebrating New Year when I was about 20; as many others celebrations, this too  seems pointless to me. However, when New Year arrives, people’s lives are suddenly lead by an impressive positive and willing-to-accept-challenges mood and it is impossible to be immune to the wave of betterment that catches human beings. Most of the times everything ends up being just a list of words on a piece of paper; suddenly forgotten, swallowed by a frenetic life that does not allow room for self-betterment. But I am competitive and stubborn and I will try, I will reach my goals, I will keep my self-esteem high and my soul motivated. I will make people who love me proud of having me as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend.
As life has taught me so far, stubbornness and perseverance are key factors for success and therefore this is my list:

I will do more volunteer works. It is tremendous to see how a daily life tires me to the point that I, sometimes, forget about others;

I will use the passion of writing to be informative, I will give a voice to people who are unjustly marginalized;

I will seek, and find, the courage I need to go to places devastated by war, poverty and harsh regimes and I will use all I can to save a life;

I will try to become like the mentors who keep me motivated, instead of simply admiring them from far away;

I will learn a new word every day;

I will have (at least) 1000 followers more on this blog;

I will take part on Writing Competitions and I will win;

I will try my best to finish the book I want to publish;

I will fight against injustices;

I will never abandon my passion and deny my talent ever again

Ps: The word I learned today is flout, which means to disregard a rule; never, ever confuse it with flute and vice versa.

Ps2: I have just had a new follower, thank you Wanderless In Beirut

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