Women’s fault?

Posted on December 28, 2012


The umpteenth rape of a young girl in Dehli  has sparked violent protests among Indians who claim a better safeguard for women and a penalty for the culprits. A more severe punishment is  required in order to intimidate men incapable to refrain their most disgusting impulses; thus Indian legislation ( and not only) has to be reformed in order to prevent such episodes to keep happening or at least to increase.
Besides the tragedy itself and the struggle of the woman, moribund at the hospital in Singapore; what makes me angry and leaves me outraged and completely disgusted is the  increasing indifference spread across the countries in front of this inhuman behavior. Some even blame us women to encourage rape. Few days ago, a priest in north of Italy declared that rapes and murders of women are nothing but women’s fault who, scantily dressed, provoke men. I sincerely do not understand how a man unable to control his organ can be absolved and treated as a human with needs whereas a woman who wears reveling clothes is accused of outrageous behavior.  Isn’t she a human being too? Isn’t she master of her body and therefore allowed to treat it however she likes? Why do some paltry, pathetic -and so weak that they let their penises command their will – men are commiserated? We struggle so much in order to distance ourselves from animals but we are the first who fail in front of instincts.
Rape has become such a common thing that a poor-minded man of Church absolves the act of violating another human’s body and nobody has segregated him in a mad house yet.
Rape is not the infectious curse of our society, indifference and habit are.
The only fault women have is the one to abandon the cause.
Carla Bruni has recently declared that we do not need feminism anymore. Being her famous for her body ( does she really think she has singing skills?) she is the first one who needs feminism to open her eyes; we all need it to be aware of our essence. We have to  combat and struggle because we will always be underprivileged till society is immersed into chauvinism. This is a call to all women to keep hard and never give up; whenever our rights are denied, brutally infringed, we have to scream louder, kick, bite, scratch, use all our energy to protect our bodies and our souls, our values and our beauty. A physical and spiritual beauty that is constantly challenged, offended, wounded and…raped.

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