2012 has taught me that….

Posted on December 18, 2012


As Twitter is overwhelmed by the hashtag #2012hastaughtme, I want to look back over 2012, which has been tumultuous and full of surprises.  The year started with the last sparks of the Arab Spring Revolution which, in 2011, had instilled hope for so many countries to finally overthrow harsh dictatorships and eventually achieve democracy. Despite the best purposes, the wave of protests led to tolls of deaths and injured and albeit some countries (e.g. Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen) witnessed the fall of their governments, nothing really has been done for democracy to take place and the populations have been left with smashed hopes and  uncontrollable violence across the streets. Syria is probably the country most affected by the Arab Spring Revolution as, after more than one year,  the civil war and the continuous clashes between civilians and government,  which keeps bombarding unguarded citizens, has led to more than several thousands Syrians to flee to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
While the whole world cheered to the seemingly huge power of the social media which undoubtedly contributed to spread the revolution across the countries in short time, nobody ever understood that it was not the social media that caused the revolution but  jobless, hungry, tired, frustrated and angry human beings; and the anger ate up their souls, their bones till it was time for them to raise up and march, to protect their rights and guarantee a decent future for their children. And the same people that bravely have challenged brutal governments and its unmerciful army, have been left to themselves, surrounded by chaos.
The tensions between the Islamist group Boko Haram and Christians resulted in at least 150 killed by a bomb attack. The attacks will continue for months.
In February Australia was affected by a natural disaster and few days after a 7.6 Magnitude earthquake killed  about 50 people in Philippines.
The global economic crisis neither stopped nor improved and many countries in Europe are facing hard times as the governments are unable to provide its citizens with satisfying short-term solutions able to guarantee a job and a decent salary to workers. The dissatisfaction, the daily struggle and the lack of primary goods led many people to migrate to neighbor countries such as Great Britain and Germany while the less fortunate ones, unable to find any escape, committed suicides.
London hosted, for the third time, the Olympic Games. The British government spent billions to improve the transportation, to build up the Olympic Village and to improve other sites across the city; however, less people than forecast showed up to watch the games.
Following the umpteenth provocation to the Islam world in which the prophet Mahomet and his followers have been accused of being killers, rapers and skirt-chaser in the masterpiece  The Innocence of Muslims by the clever  Basseley Nakoula,  the Us ambassador was killed in Lybia  and the movie sparked protests all over the Arab world.
The miners strike in South Africa led to the death of at more than 50 people and several injured.
While the Hurricane Sandy affected many Americans, another terrible threat lingered on the Us horizon: after months of incertitude in which a medieval charlatan barked his prehistoric beliefs which include the denial of abortion to women and the cancellation of funds to needy people,  Us rejected Romney and chose, once again, Obama who, in the next 4 years, has a lot to prove to the world, starting from the Syria and Palestine issues.
Malala Yousafzay shed the light on the forgotten topic of Taliban and the terror they spread in Pakistan and other countries. The 15 year-old girl, after being shot by Taliban for having expressed the desire to go to school in a diary which has caught international attention, has become the symbol of the struggle of women which are still denied education and other rights.
UN has finally recognized Palestine as a state. Although this is what Mahmoud Abbas has been asking for years, the territory recognized as a state is smaller than 80% if compared to what Palestine was till 1945. The Palestine recognition was a tremendous victory for Israel, instead.

China changed his leadership and from the seven men at the top of the party, the whole world expects more transparency , a far less strict censorship, more adequate political and social reforms and more attention to the quick changes of the Chinese society.
The Church of England has denied, once again, the possibility for women to become bishops and the equal chauvinist Vatican’s leader, Pope Benedict XVII, landed on Twitter just six days ago. Amen. Moreover, the Church of England and of Wales refused to marry gay people.
Three days ago a
gunman shot 27 people ( 20 of which pupils)  in a school in Connecticut; the dramatic event sparked protests all over the US where many citizens implore Obama to end the NRA.
This year there have been more than 70  conflicts all over the world, most of which are still ongoing.
Today the Time declared  that nearly 1 billion people around the world live in hunger. ONE BILLION.
In three days the end of the world is expected.
So…What has 2012 taught me?

  1. People’s basic human rights have been always denied, this year was not an exception.
  2.  As countries were unable to control the flow of money and the rise of debts a New Great Depression is swallowing us up ( but we can all afford the essential I-phone 5).
  3. Despite the massive  pre-Olympics improvements in London , the District Line I take every day to go to work has always several delays and closed stations.
  4. Stupid provocations are made by stupid people and lead to serious consequences. Always. We should stop.
  5. Taliban still exist and therefore women are still enslaved, tortures, raped, killed and treated as inferior human beings. Blacks and gay people do not have a better treatment.
  6. Concepts as people smuggling, enslavement, genocides and starvation are still actual and problematic.
  7. Gnam Gnam style  is the most viewed video of the year. (What?)
  8. Berlusconi is back on the scene, promising ( threatening?) he will get his office back. Again.
  9. The Maya prophecy does not seem this bad to me.
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