The Odyssey of Gay Marriage

Posted on December 11, 2012


Here we go again.
The lack of creativity of some governments leaves me short of words, not to mention the hard work of Church in order to prevent gay people to get married. To me it sounds so outrageous to criticize someone’s sexuality (as long as it respects every participant’s will). What they do in the bedroom (and with whom they want to do) is their business but, after all, it’s a very old habit for the church to nose into coitus matters.
What I really do not understand is the anger of clerics towards same-sex people who want to get married. First of all these people give you a job, they give you another chance to blather homilies and brainwash weak minds, they bestow you the title of the one and only capable to marry two individuals under the merciful God’s eyes. What do you want more? You are not entitled to judge and mistrust the feeling that keeps two people together, their love and mutual commitment. You are the ones not supposed to judge in any case: you, self-proclaimed half Gods able to profess holy words, should not create differences. Did you want to become men of Church? Well then  you are not entitled to have your own opinions unless they match with the holy scripts; and the day God himself will come to this Earth and personally will say that gay marriage is forbidden, I will stop accusing you. (I am still waiting). If you wanted to be racist, partial and selfish you should have been politicians. Like those politicians who think that two people of the same gender who want to build up a life together, cannot enjoy the benefits of a marriage legally recognized.  The struggle here aims to protect the heterosexual marriage, but  who can tell if a heterosexual marriage is successful when compared to a gay one? I honestly think we are all the same, all capable to steal, hate and kill if we want to and this is not determined by our sexuality. Media constantly report about fathers who rape their daughters, mothers who get up one day and decide to drown their kids into the bathtub, or to stab them or to throw them out of the window. Do not tell me you have never heard any of this as you have never heard about failed marriages, couples who divorce and battle for money, husbands who cheat with their secretaries, wives who have sex the postman. Do not tell me heterosexual marriages are infallible because I will laugh at you.
I am disgusted to see prejudices and hate and the more time goes by, the more we regress. There will be always some target to bully and publicly ridicule.  Gay people are the new blacks to enslave, the new women to punish and subjugate, not entitled to any right, constrained to suffer humiliations, physical aggressions and death sentences.
Today, once again, I feel ashamed and betrayed by the Church and the government, that conspire together to deny rights to some categories of people. Nowadays I see a fierceness against gay people who want to protect their right, a fierceness I have never seen, for example, against rapers or pedophiles.

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