So What?

Posted on December 6, 2012


The first thing I have been taught during my journalism master is that the main aim of news is to inform about something new (as the word itself suggests), interesting, informative, different, catchy.
According to the “So What” theory, in order to succeed and catch readers’ attention, journalists should ask themselves: “So what?”, whenever they write a piece BUT, nowadays, it seems that “nothing” is considered the best answer for the question above.
This is so obvious by reading this week’s newspapers and magazines, literally monopolized by a woman whose pregnancy should be none of our business as this person is not relevant to our lives.
I mean, would we really notice the difference if she did not exist?
There are people ( besides our beloved) who honestly leave an enormous emptiness when they are not in our lives anymore, people who change the world or at least try; people who stand up, fight and make the difference, who make us dream and give us the strength to keep believing in a possible change; people whose words will be remembered and sung and be written on canvases and tops for generations.
Kate is not one of those.
Take Mandela, for example, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara and..without going too far, princess Diana. She was an admirable woman and if nowadays royal appellations still mean anything, she was one of the best princesses ever. Being her life soaked wet in money, she never forgot needy people. She fought for their rights, she spread awareness about war victims and the charity she did, as well as her good heart, was endless.
What did Kate do to make this world better?
She just graduated, found a husband and got pregnant. Impressive.
The question is spontaneous: why in her case is this so phenomenal? And don’t tell me because she is part of the royalty and the royal family is an important symbol because, if anything, they are the symbol of nothingness, boredom and, most of all, shameful waste of money.
How does Kate use the royal liquidity if not to buy clothes and make trips?
Is this person and her sister ( ehm…well..just a part of her sister: her butt) deserving of being in the news almost every day?
Why do we allow this brainwash that constrain us to gorge ourselves on superfluous facts that keep our minds controlled?
Look at what’s happening in Sirya, Palestine, Africa. Think about the financial crisis that is taking a heavy toll of humans, consider the nuclear weapons threat, weigh carefully all the tragedies that every day steep whole families in blood.
We must be really close minded to only care about the pregnancy of a woman who did not do anything relevant for the world; whose noble title is just a title that does not bestow her any particular power nor any particular skill and she, herself, does not make any effort to prove the opposite.
I do not care about Kate’s pregnancy.
Neither should you.

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