We need more women like Dana Bakdounis

Posted on November 25, 2012


Last year a Facebook group page named The Uprising of Women in the Arab World” was created and it did not take long for people to join the group and support the cause. The cause of women who, for years, have been dominated by an extreme, deplorable, filthy chauvinism. The Syrian Dana Bakdounis supported the group’s initiative and, to shed more light on the issue, she decided to provoke by posting a picture of herself without the veil, holding a paper which reads: “I’m with the uprising of women in the Arab world because, for 20 years, I wasn’t allowed to feel the wind in my hair and [on] my body.”
By taking off her veil she showed her courage and stubbornness against a regime which deny basic rights to women, considered inferior and, therefore, allowable to be maltreated.
I need to clarify that I am not against women wearing the veil. When I moved to London I got to know the Arab culture and I appreciated that many girls and women choose ( Nota Bene: choose) to wear the veil and are not forced to do so by their families or husbands.
In an era where a woman is seen as a mere sexual object whose exploitation reaches shameful levels, a veil and a full body cloak can be a response (yes, extreme) in the attempt of preserving the last crumbles of decency of a woman’s body.
I therefore support the freedom of a choice which, maybe, cannot be entirely understood by our western societies ( I, in first place, would hate the veil on me and would rip off a burka covering my body) but should be anyway respected.
However there are limits. Limits which are crossed every day. And this continuous insolence brings along frustration, indignation and rage and I (as other million of people, I am sure) am therefore angry, furious and I do strongly condemn the veil when it becomes an instrument of control,subjugation and slavery.
Thus, Dana is to me a great woman of courage and audacity and even thought her picture has been removed from the Facebook group page,it is (and it has to be) possible to spread it, along with its message, all across the world. Starting from here:

The image of Dana Bakdounis posted on Facebook

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