Taliban Are Every Where Under Different Forms

Posted on November 21, 2012


Don’t call it progress.

Don’t call it regression.

We are simply stable, floating, unable to move either back or forward. We are trapped by our own convictions,  condemnations, our very own nature that leads us to create inequalities and injustices.
That women and men are different is undeniable under many aspects: physical, emotional, learning abilities, diseases.
An idyllic descriptions of human beings sees women and men as complementary. This does not mean that one is inferior to the other so forget about  indispensability; the whole concept lays in the completeness between two worlds different yet able to connect and to fill each other’s gaps. We are diverse and we have to enhance our differences; that’s why I think a man is more suitable to carry out labor  work which requires strength as his physique is built in a  way  that, once challenged, is able to deliver more strength and endurance.  For the same reason a woman is- and should be- the one entitled to get pregnant and carry the baby into her body: the capacity of a woman to love and to give value to any type of emotion goes far beyond feelings men are able to understand and to  cope with.
These differences are often seen as sexist accusations but ideas and principles carried to excess never lead to anything good; thus equality should mean a world in which women and men enjoy the same acknowledgements and the same capacity of decision but  to issues related to their own nature. Alias, the decision of women to join the army is really arguable;  I still respect and support the freedom of choice but I strongly disagree with the idea that under a war circumstance, a fight, an assault, women and men are able to provide the same outcome. They are not. On the other side, men should not legislate about abortion and women and men should have the same amount of seats in the parliament.

Albeit we should define some guide lines; when it comes to faith the relation between human beings and God transcends any physical or emotional difference and, in front of God, we are all the same.
Now, I am atheist but I saw many times the power (or the need) of God into my mother’s eyes and I understand the commitment and the devotion of a human being to a supreme being who is supposed to guide us through the hard path of life. The question is therefore spontaneous: who are men to deny this to women? Who do they think they are to forbid women from being part of the Church?
I am referring to the shameful decision of the Church of England that denied women the possibility to become bishops.

I am shocked and ashamed and the more I get ashamed the more I get angry because I see injustices and abuses of power.
This is the England that screamed and protested against the brutality in which women are treated by Taliban and, at the same time, it is the country where abortion is still denied and where women apparently are considered not able to be bishops. Taliban are every where and under different forms.
Sunk into an incurable chauvinism ( not only in England, unfortunately)  how can a country and its Church be credible?

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