Yes we can. Again. Better.

Posted on November 7, 2012


I don’t like politics, I find it boring and unproductive, full of charlatans who promise things and, most of the times, do not keep their word.

And I don’t like listening to these charlatans, I don’t vote them because I don’t trust them; to my eyes all of them, sooner or later, end up corrupted.

Therefore I treat this topic with disappointed neglect and mistrust BUT, four years ago, when Obama was elected president, something glowed inside me.

It was hope.


Let’s start with Obama’s complexion (not that I want to reduce everything to a mere discussion of skin color, but since human beings, unfortunately, tend to base their judgments on it, I have to do the same to partly explain my view). In a country where black people were deported to, exploited and killed for decades, where they were denied basic human rights long after the end of slavery and where, still today, it happens to them to be victims of racism, being a black president means a lot; it means so much that Obama’s election shocked and amused the whole world.

Obama is a hope for whom is constantly discriminated for their skin complexion, religion, culture and all those features most people are too closed-minded to accept. His presidency represented a winning post, a turning point in the whole history.

But it’s not only this. It couldn’t be.

Do you remember the slogan ‘Yes we can’?

With these words Obama gave hope to Americans that something would have been done to rebuild the economic colossus that was slowly sinking.

Being himself a great example of the American dream, he allowed people, still traumatized by the 9/11 attack and constantly threatened by the economic crisis, to take a breath and look forward. He pictured a future most people would have loved to live in.

After the roaring welcome the president received, it was time for him to keep his promises but the same president who proposed himself as a fighter for human rights, an excellent leader able to turn around the country, a national hero, turned into a calm man whose voice has suddenly faded and the whole US became quiet, unusually silent.

What did go wrong?

I felt betrayed by a man who, even though was not president of my country, made me dream and hope of a better world. But his absence made me forget about his existence till media started bombarding me with the upcoming US election.

It was time for me to analyze Obama’s first mandate and draw my conclusions.

Obama took leadership in a country whose economic situation was dramatic and it is never easy for a president, it doesn’t matter which elite he is surrounded by, to remedy to all the problems that previous presidencies created.

The economic crisis did not start with Obama and did not get worse with him.

Something has been done, maybe not enough, maybe not what we expected, we hoped, we strongly believed in.  ( Yes, I say we because Obama was the only politician that, in years, managed to catch my attention).

Maybe four years were not enough for Obama to realize all he had in mind; we, and he, got misled by the terror of a crisis that has been constantly knocking on our doors and we rushed into promises way too complicated to keep in four years.

But Obama did much, or at least he tried.

Upon everything, Obama gave us back a bit of humanity by ending the shameful, purely money-orientated war in Iraq.

That makes him a good man, a man I would trust and admire, a person I can relate too and who deserves my vote, a president who doesn’t make me feel ashamed if I am not wealthy enough to be part of his privileged crew ( yes, I refer to Romney).

After ending a bellicose era that anguished many countries around the world, Obama focused on one of the biggest plague of US: the healthcare system which gives you assistance only if you can pay.

The ObamaCare  aimed  to provide more than thirty millions people with an insurance and to diminish the overall cost of the health system.

A winning point.

The Wall Street Reform was another achievement along with the $62 billion investment that helped the automobile market to get back on its feet.

Obama scored again by allowing gay marriages, abolishing the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that denied   gay people to join the army,  supporting women’s causes like, for example, with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and other economic reforms and international interventions.

Obama has, therefore, followed the guidelines of his campaign, he just did not act with the pompous arrogance typical of presidents. He took his time to reflect, ponder any action, value any risk and despite the country needs immediate financial helps and economic reforms, Obama gave space also to important social issues, showing us he really fights for a better place where to live and where to raise up our children.

He conquered the hearts of those who are emarginated and whose rights are denied.  How can he not deserve a second mandate?

Especially when on the other side we have Romney. Whose priority, apart from achieving the status of international clown ( he can now shakes his hand with the fellow Berlusconi) is to spend less money and not to increase the taxation.

That would be a great plan if it did not include the cut of funds aimed for healthcare -a healthcare Obama is still stubbornly struggling to improve- transportation, science, technology and programs for poor people.

In such a tumultuous and uncertain time people are easy to confuse and mislead and the idea of not paying more taxes will undoubtedly appeal them.

But US citizens should understand that from a person who does not  care about poor people, you cannot expect anything good.

Although the country needs more money, needs to reactivate industries and people needs more jobs, the pragmatist, one-way, tyrannical approach of Romeny, with his medieval view on women’s rights, is the last thing the whole world needs.

What the Ryan budget proposes is just a mirage of a temporary relief and soon the society, which is not composed by nobles, will get frustrated and angry when people’s rights will be denied, AGAIN.

A slow step forward that US can achieve with Obama is much better than a step back poorly disguised as progress with Romney.

A president who loves his country does not abandon the weak ones who need assistance more than anybody else, a man with solid and good principles do not deny health services to his countrymen.

A good president simply cares.

I owe this to Obama, despite his laziness and his mistakes, I would 100% give him my vote, he would be one of the few persons able to lead me to the polling booth once again.

He is the only one, at the moment, who deserves to be the American president.

Let’s hope, during his second mandate, he will learn from his mistakes and, most of all, he will , finally, recognize Palestine as a state and he will help Syria. Immediately.

It’s 11 a.m. here in London, I have just switched on my laptop. Obama won.

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