My Utopian Ode

Posted on November 4, 2012


Imagine victims of injustices and abuses; survivors, war prisoners, refugees, heroes, humans who need somebody to talk to because something is being negated: the truth; a truth these people do not want to tell, but scream.

Now think about what if journalism was  absent as long as people who have the dream to report, to inform, to give a voice to millions of untold stories that deserve to be listened.

Journalism is not only about juicy facts, news in real time, catchy headlines, great pictures and, most of all, journalism is not composed by gossip, frivolities, lack of information disguised as good entertainment.

Journalism is a social duty, an impulse that throb into the journalist’s veins and leads them to research accurately about hidden facts, forgotten conflicts, ignored tragedies in order to give them importance and respect.

Journalism is about humanity, the humanity we tend to forget and then rediscover on the front page of a newspaper where we read, for example, on how people help each other during the adversities of the Storm Sandy or on how children, forced to flee Syria, become orphans on the other side of the border.

Journalism has the great power to teach us, from time to time, hard lessons about humans; it is able to delight and disgust us as it tells things we enjoy reading and facts we think we should have never known.

Journalism is a mission, a duty, a risk, a wild passion; something people often sacrifice their lives to accomplish. Journalism is about truth, it is information that can shape people’s consciences and help them to form their own thoughts. Journalism is the world unfolded before our very eyes, it is knowledge, it is power.

Let us not waste it.

Let us not forget the supremacy of words, the right we have to be informed. The privilege we are blessed with: awareness.

An awareness I invest everything I have on because I truly, strongly, desperately believe that a well-informed human being can be decent, can be better, can learn from other people’s mistakes and thus commits themselves to being different.

Journalism is the possibility  we have to shift from being condemned to perpetuate the same mistakes to learning from our previous blames.

Journalism can be one of the means that help us to cope with the questions, the doubts, the incertitude that crowd our consciences. Journalism is a path, it is the work- in -progress of our soul, a powerful tool we often, too often, undervalue.



Any journalist needs a little bit of utopia in their job.

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