Posted on October 24, 2012


I hate football and its glorious image  that has been, somehow ( how?) created over the decades.

Football players are portrayed as invincible heroes,role models, mentors whose words immediately become pearls of wisdom, they are like warriors, saviors of the country and hundreds of people (especially males) are literally crazy for these ball chasers and the more I try to understand this wild passion, the more I get confused and frustrated.

“You can change wife but not football team” I have been answered once and therefore I ask myself: “Are these the men that us women want next to us?”

What makes them so terribly in love with football? And why is it privileged over the others? What about basketball, or formula 1, for example? I see much more action and entertainment in these sports.

I think football is, today, the cause of hate, clashes and deaths among its supporters who, most of the times, have completely lost their minds; football is no longer a sport but a mere business made by thieves.

And these so beloved champions are only clowns to my eyes and most of the times they don’t have a talent worthy all the money they earn; we are talking about BILLIONS, billions that can be used to save lives, to build hospitals, to find cures to diseases.

I don’t see any heroism in these men whose only balls are the ones they keep chasing during each match.

I personally don’t like sport, but I understand the need to have a role model to follow, a champion to admire, an example that can teach us hard lessons in life; I completely agree with all those people who have the dream to become a famous and respected sport player, and in order to achieve such aim their road is paved with hard challenges, targets, sacrifices and discipline.

I respect these people, what I disrespect is the lack of skills and farces disguised as great sport to watch, to follow, to pay money for, unfortunately even to kill for.

I don’t see anything good in football, not anymore; maybe because nowadays there are too many players whose skills are only acceptable and not excellent, maybe because the problems related to football, such as violence in the stadiums and scandals among teams obscure the talent and the beauty of this sport, maybe because I  have met too many boys who could put football above their mothers ( I come from Italy, a country where football is extremely important).

All these people need to redefine their concepts of role models, if they want to follow and worship someone who really deserves to be admired,  why they don’t support, for example, Felix Baumgartner?

A man who did not kick a ball- everyone is more or less good at it- Felix challenged the gravity, he showed an immense, incredible courage, he jumped in the air and literally flew for about 39 kilometers, setting the skydiving world record.

If men are ready to change wife with no second thought but unable to change football team, their women should definitely swap them for a real man, like Felix…unless he’s totally crazy about football too.

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