Posted on October 19, 2012


Sometimes I think it’s just a writer thing, to feel so close and inexplicably attached to a piece of paper.

Sometimes I think it’s just me, who can find relief in words, who can find a whole world that keeps hiding behind a daily life bound to overwhelm me.

The power of words and imagination have always fascinated me as they enable me to feel powerful and immortal.

I am unconventional, unstable, unpredictable and very difficult to understand, my life is messed up, it’s like a big box containing stuff that nobody ever cared to tidy up and all this stuff suffocates me; but among all this confusion there is that moment of a magical communion, a silent agreement where mind is the God and hands are its instruments and their mutuality keep them alive. None of them could live without the other. Writing  is pure art, it is thoughts, the engine of the world, that finally take place.

I have always wanted to be a writer. Since I was very young I discovered that through words I can pour my soul on a piece of paper and suddenly every hidden emotion within me start to come out naturally. Writing is the most precious thing I have, my strength and my weakness. It is the real me.

No lies, no attempts to be what people want me to be, no delusion, no frustration; just me and my words.

Writing is my best companion in life and it doesn’t matter if I spend hours and hours trying to find the perfect word to use, the only one that can perfectly fits the rest of the sentence; it doesn’t matter if the character I am creating gives me troubles, if the dialogue doesn’t sound as good as it did in my head, if the story is not developing as I thought…because the moment I find the right word, the perfect features for my character, the best angle for my story I feel warm inside, I feel like I am doing the right thing, the only thing I was born to do, the only thing that entirely  pays me back; something that can never hurt me, something I know I can always trust, a talent I can  feed and the more I feed it the more it feeds me back, it enriches my soul, it spreads my horizons, it creates millions of possibilities, it makes my life worth living.

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