Posted on September 30, 2012


In a delicate moment full of incertitude and tumultuousness, the state of NY launched a campaign, known as CATCH whose aim is to provide high school girls with the morning after pill. The initiative sparked protests between the already divided Americans: on one side people condemn the distribution of the pill as it encourages sex among youths: while others, including some doctors, agree with the usage of the emergency contraception: a safe way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. 

I personally support the initiative of the state of NY mostly because youths, nowadays, do not need any type of encouragement about sex.

Adolescents (including very young ones) are aware of what sex is and, most of all, are aware of the freedom they have.

So the fear of some conservatives that the pill can promote more sex is unsubstantiated: that’s the problem of those who do not accept the fast pace of our ‘modern’ society and therefore refuse the existence of some situations.

Nothing can be more dangerous than ignoring  a problem: only once fully acknowledged, a situation can be resolved with the right means.

Therefore, those schools that are giving out the pill have already understood that sex is no longer a mystery, a taboo, a pleasure reserved only to married ones.

We can’t still hold our grip on the society of fifty years ago when our grandfathers wooed our grandmothers for months, maybe years till the women  would give themselves.

It is not time, anymore, for long love letters, serenades, hidden desires, devotion, respect: that time has simply…gone and let’s be honest: youths will not refrain their impulses. We live in a society were impulses and instincts are encouraged and no more condemned; children have no control and, devoured by consumerism, they are taught, since an early age, to get what they want.

We have to, therefore, learn how to cope with the current situation. The action is not to impede youths from having sex,( this plan failed long time ago) it is to teach them how to have safe sex.

The initiative of the morning after pill should be thus enforced and accompanied by a massive awareness campaign on pregnancy, abortion, contraceptive methods and the transmission of sexual diseases. Has anyone already taught, for example, how many youths, aware of the fact that the morning after pill is distributed in their school, for free, sometimes without the need of parental consent, will not use condoms?

Parents, teachers, governments and institutions have to think and act as fast as youths do.

The problem is not the plan b pill distribution, it is the necessity to have already in store a plan C. 

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