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Here we go again.

History is bound to repeat over and over again as old clichés come always back to visit us.

Most of today’s politicians, protesters, provokers, who believe they are making history are, instead, boring, repetitive, stubborn and unwilling to change.

The inner provocation to the Islam world, apart from being stupid, dangerous and extremely poorly made, is also unbearably boring.

My accusations are addressed in first place to Sam Bacile.

First, dear Sam, the world is full of artists, journalists, writers and politicians who express their opinions. I completely agree with the right to profess someone’s own views and beliefs but a common ground of respect is the basis of any intelligent ( please nota bene: intelligent) declaration.

Recruiting some actors, putting on them fake beards and misleading them regarding the real purpose of the ‘movie’ is not a clever nor a well-done job.

Secondly, Mr Bacile, I have done some researches about you ( no, I am not interested in your persona, I just know how to do my job) and it emerged that, surprisingly, you are Orthodox.

That makes you Christian.

That makes you related to the Catholic brothers.

Catholicism is not and will never be a blame-less religion, looking back over  its history I can only shudder.

Why, Mr Bacile, instead of bothering other religions, don’t you make a movie  about Christianity?

Why don’t you make a movie, for example, about the billions of euro stolen by the Vatican every year?

That would be a much interesting, innovative and informing movie I would rather watch.

My anger is aimed toward Google too.

Once the video sparked the protests across the Arab World, it was obvious and mandatory to obscure it and not only to censor it in those countries where the protests had already begun.

Public and late apologies are not enough.

The first amendment of the US constitution guarantees the freedom of speech, BUT it does not allow racial hate and discrimination.

On the same principle is based the policy of Youtube, owned by Google, which  reads: “We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity)”.

Now, I am not Muslim, yet I know it is strictly forbidden to depict the image of Mahomet. No exception. It is considered offensive and disrespectful.

If the prophet is then depicted as a skirt chaser and his  followers as killers, looters and extortionists, how can this not be considered as a hate speech which denigrates a religion and, therefore, a group of people united by the same beliefs?

Google’s administrators must be therefore completely blind and deaf not to see the terrible consequences of this video.

It is very hypocrite to refuse to censor a movie that denigrates the prophet Mahomet and Muslims in general,  and  then complain about riots and  deaths.

I am not, in any circumstance, justifying the murders occurred consequently the release of the video BUT, due to the past reactions in the Arab World after similar  provocations AND due to the delicate situations in most Arab countries such as Egypt and Syria where the governments collapsed and people are jobless, hungry and, therefore, already frustrated and angry, why Google can’t simply obscure the video, which is a an emblematic exception of YouTube guides line?

It is always easy to point the finger and scream against extremism, which, anyway, exists in any religion.

Islam has been for centuries in the eye of the storm and Muslims are often accused to be ‘animals’ ‘uncivilized’ ‘rioters’, everywhere I can read such appellations but the only truth is that, inexplicably, the western world is clearly obsessed with a religion, a way of life, a whole culture that are different.

That doesn’t make Muslims worse, animals, rioters, dangerous etc…that makes them different and if they believe the prophet shouldn’t be depicted ( it is written in the Quran) who are we to decide not to respect it?

Let us, all of us, leave Islam alone, for once, let us forget about judgments, provocations, accusations of any kind and maybe, or surely, we will assist to less revolts and assassinations.

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